Why support the Meangummylizard?

As you can read in the first post, I am a part of the development team of Empires and Tribes. At Empires and Tribes we worked the first few years without payment, the whole project was on a volunteering base. Now I am a little bit older and wiser and I know that developing a game without budges is a bad idea. Because of that, I decided to split the game into two parts. The first part will be the prototype, the demo, and an adventure on its own.The second part will be „the big one“. But right now it is too early to talk about „the big one“Let’s talk a little bit more about the first part and what role it has to play.

The Prototype

To create „the big one“ it is necessary to do a lot of prototyping work, finding and testing techniques, game mechanics, workflow, and knowledge. And because it is a lot of work it would be a shame to just create a senseless and storyless prototype project.


My first thought was to create a Tech-Demo, that I can show people what they can probably expect of my game, the second idea was to use the Demo-Version to create a Kickstarter Project.

An Adventure on its own

A lot of thoughts running through my mind, big ideas… because the ideas are too big for a single person, I decided to split the game into two parts. The first part will be created as a prequel to „the big one“. This helps to get the knowledge, get rid of the bugs (lol), do the game design, and hopefully get a plan on how to finance „the big one“
As you can see, there is somehow a plan and a lot of work. But is always a bit „BUT“. I need your support. If you want to support me, you can use my Patreon page, subscribe to my Twitch channel, or just use the donate button here or on Twitch. All supporters will have my everlasting gratitude.