Ruling Day and Night

Before I make the decision to use a Weather/Day&Night Asset like the amazing Enviro Asset I have to ask myself:

„Is it really necessary to implement a full-featured Day/Night/Weather and Season System or can I do it by myself.“

So what do I really need for Turtle Island:

  • Day and Night cycle which I can controll really simple and easy
  • Nightsky
  • a litte bit of Fog for realism
  • and from time to time some clouds for rain.

I started to implement a simple Day & Night Cycle controller with a starry Nightsky and a Moon (not a Space-Sation)

It took me about 3 hours to create a controllable Day & Night Cycle System.

The next step for the Day/Night Cycle / Weather System is to implement some cloudy skies and rain. I hope this will not get to hard.

Greetings from the Developer Basement.