Turtle Islands – The begining

Since 5 years I am involved in the making of the great game Empires and Tribes by Chris Lübeck. As part of the Team I am responsible for the graphical part of the game. But Empires and Tribes is not a neverending story. So a year ago I started to think about the time after Empires and Tribes.

I do a lot of stuff besides my job as a 3D-Artist for Empires and Tribes, I create a lot of 3D Models for games and 3D printing. But I want to stay in the gaming business because it is a lot of fun. So I started to think about creating a game based on my own ideas.

But before I could work on the game idea, I had to clarify a question about financing.

When I saw more clearly I started to work on a game idea. However, at the beginning, I have to make clear to myself what I want myself or what I would like to see in games.

In my mind, I went over and over again the genres and games I knew and the list of my wishes got longer and longer and this was exactly where my problem or the solutions was to find.

In the past I loved to play Click and Point Games, Adventure Games, I like Pirates, I like Survival Zombie Games, Farming Games and Games where I can build something.

So my plan was to bring all of these things together in a unique way. After a few month and not even thinking about the game at that moment, there was the Heureka moment and an idea was suddenly in my mind. An Idea that brings all my wishes together. But having a good idea and starting to develop a game are two things.

The next step was to decide which game engine I wanna use. After talking to a lot of people and thinking a lot of pro and cons I „finally“ decided to use Unity 2020.

Last week (09. October 2021) I decided to finally start to work on my game. Hurray! 😉