The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The things I am really concerned about are the look, the performance, and the programming.

Easy spoken… I am afraid of the whole project. I know one or two things about graphics and years of JAVA programming help a lot to understand what’s going on in Unity. And my time spent with the Team of Empires and Tribes made me be aware of the performance monster. But now I am on my own and this is a little bit scary.

Currently, I am trying to understand the Unity API and the handling of different Assets – YES I am using Assets, but not because I am lazy, the reason is easy. I do not want to invent the wheel again. Because of that, I searched in the Asset Store for standard assets which are providing basic functionality which is used and needed for nearly every game and need a lot of time to develop them in a good way.

My criteria to make the decision for a specific asset are very simple, the asset has to have good documentation, good user reviews, good Support and it should not be a sleeping asset. For me, a sleeping asset is an asset that has not been updated for a long time. and when it comes to the term „a long time“ in the case of Software development it is a very short period. Nowadays, there is a lot going on in the development of Unity and so it is very important that the assets are up to date as well.

The assets I wanna use have to make my life easier when it comes to development time. The basic assets I wanna use and work with are at the moment the following ones:

When it comes to the graphical appearance I want to use my own skills. The same applies to the game logic.

Currently, I am working on Rocks, Cliffs, and all the good stuff which is necessary for a good-looking beach somewhere in the Caribbean or South Pacific.

So… that’s it for this week, I’ll try to keep you up to date!
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